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Thread: Wooden kennel ideas

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    Wooden kennel ideas

    Hi all,

    going to to be building a new kennel this week, I have laid a concrete slab 13/6 feet and was thinking of building a 12/5 kennel and run. I have looked at the plastic and I cannot afford to spend over a grand at the moment, I also have a load of 2x2 and ship lap left over from building the shed. So any ideas or tips / experience before I start? Pictures of your kennels would be fantastic also!

    thanks all

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    i converted a new 10'x6' shed into 3 sleeping compartments with pop holes into 3 runs for about a grand inc run sections some ten yrs ago still good nick I can at least stand up in the sleeping part for annual deep clean .
    pm yr email if you want any pics

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    Have a look online at for some build ideas, please note I have no connection with this company and have not purchased from them.

    Hope the build goes well.

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    check out (timberbuild) site nr me, no connection at all but he has some designs/pics, etc atb doug,

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    An idea for once your kennel is built is to fit a sheet of 18mm horse matting to the floor of the sleeping compartment. I have just done this with my two kennels and finding it great. Cuts down on dust thus reducing mite and flea issues and also stays warm in colder weather and cool in warm weather.

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    Have a look at KM Engineering. I was in exactly the same position as you but bite the bullet and ordered one of their kennels and runs after my slab was laid and the thing is awsome!
    If you are on Facebook they have a very good page on there with loads of photos.

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    I have used timberbuild for years,brilliant Kennels you would not regret it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colc08 View Post
    An idea for once your kennel is built is to fit a sheet of 18mm horse matting to the floor of the sleeping compartment
    I put down non-tannelised pallets, stripped-off the tops and filled the void with expanded-polystyrene before closing the void off again. Couple of layers of vet-bed on top and it's perfectly-insulated from below

    You might be able to modify that idea to suit your own setup?
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    If you've float finished the concrete raft, then consider a couple of coats of epoxy paint (same stuff they use for milking parlours). It lasts for years and means you can power wash the floor - easy to clean. The pallets our dogs sit out on are just 4 x 2" timber frame with plywood on top, then a layer of 6mm or 12mm Stokboard screwed on top - same thing, easy to clean and unchewable! Again, if you have framing timber left over, use that for your boxes and then consider Stokboard (6mm) as an inner liner, then your shiplap cladding on the outside. If you haven't used Stokboard before, it's recycled agri plastic (big-bale wrapping, etc) and available from most farm supply people. Not super cheap, but you can use normal woodworking tools and fixings, and it's virtually indestructable, dead easy to clean and waterproof.

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    Some great advice above I would say. For my two pennorth, having just disposed of my wooden kennels after 11 years, I would say give some serious thought to the Stokbord, or KM idea. My kennels were greasy, smelly despite being regularly cleaned, and chewed in places. I've replaced them with Mitton Hall kennels, which are made quite close to me and for that reason seem to crop up second hand locally now and then, which is how I got mine, and what a difference! Much less smell and easier to clean. Prior to stumbling across these I was just about to buy some KM ones, which are very highly regarded and definitely worth a look. Well priced too I thought, a member here took some photos of his to show me and they are wearing very well, they seem very durable, and I would say a better design in the sleeping area than mine.

    Definately worth some some consideration if you can stretch to it, I reckon by the time you buy all the wood etc you won't be far away on price, I wouldn't choose to go back to my wooden kennels now.


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