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Thread: Left Hand .270

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    Left Hand .270


    As per title I am looking for a left hand .270.

    I have had a Ruger American on order since March and I have just been told that I will not see it until some time next year!!!

    Budget is around 500.

    Many Thanks


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    There's a l/h .270 Rem700 at Fultons of Bisley it's been there a long ime so they might be up for a deal, i hope this can help out a fellow l/h shooter .
    Cheers Colin

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    Many thanks for that Colin! I may go and have a look.

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    I believe Adamant on here has a LH stainless laminate Ruger 270 for sale - drop him a PM.
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    LH Tikka M65 in Grahams, Inverness.

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    I believe that the barrel is well used on the m65 in grahams

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    My buddy has a rem 700 rifle in left hand 270. It's a c prefix action and is very accurate.
    It currently resides in jager sa for sale.

    Im sure you can easily contact him through here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ARCHERFOREVER View Post
    I believe that the barrel is well used on the m65 in grahams
    It appears to be, but is in mint condition on the outside.

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