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Thread: parts for CZ 601

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    parts for CZ 601

    I have a barreled short action (243) CZ BRNO 601 that needs a trigger and bottom metal (guard assembly). I cannot find one in the US. Does any one know where I might find it or an aftermarket piece? I can even machine one myself If I had the exact dimensions. Anyone?

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    Blimey, the USA is going to be your best bet. I had a 601 zkk that I tried relentlessly to get parts for but they aren't manufacturered any more and those that are still out there are rarely broken up. The nitroexpress forum seems to love them so might be worth asking on there. Good luck!

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    trigger isnt the same as for the 600 or 602, it has a slightly shorter tang.
    I reckon, that if you can, find someone that has a 601, then get someone to machine/copy the parts you need.

    the trigger should be easy...

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