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Thread: Level 1 course

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    Level 1 course

    Our level 1 course for this year is fully subscribed and hopefully they should all be in possession of their training materials and studying hard.

    One of them is going to have a bonus prize, Limulus or Tony has decided to donate a set of sticks as a draw prize for one of our intrepid eight. I shall make the draw in the coming week and someone on the course shall be the proud owner of a set of shooting sticks.

    Thank you Tony.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Another very generous offer from SD members. Whoever is lucky enough to win these is a very lucky man (or woman)

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    Any chance of a Northern Ireland course ??
    I would love to get the dsc1, i already hold the rep.ireland equivalent (hcap) and the sacs deer course but not the dsc1

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    Good luck chaps, and we'll done to Tony for giving away another set of his sticks

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