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Thread: 2 Days with Sikamalc and Tommy on the Roe Bucks

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    2 Days with Sikamalc and Tommy on the Roe Bucks

    Good morning everyone,

    Just a quick write up on my trip to west Sussex with Sikamalc. On Wednesday I headed down to Malcolm's place in west Sussex and was greeted by Malcolm with a nice cup of tea and a good slice or two of Malcolms other halfs homemade bread pudding! after having a good catch up it was off to the pub for a nice meal and a few drinks. Looking forward to the first stalk at 04:30 in the morning we retired at a half reasonable hour. 04:30 came and Malcolm poked his head out the bothy door to a rather wet miserable morning (I seem to bring the weather with me wherever I go).. Anyway a mutual decision was made of sod this and back to bed (at this point I would like to point out they were separate beds).

    The first morning's stalk came and we headed out at 07:30am and the weather had improved somewhat but still cold and windy. At around 09:30 we headed into a field and just around the corner of a hedge line and spotted a single doe with Malc informing me the fawn would be close by as she kept looking back into the tree line and after a few minutes headed back that way. The decision was made to proceed into the next field and there in front of us was what we thought were two does and one being very small and possibly a late fawn from last year. This ended up on closer inspection being a small buck, with little knobbers still covered in velvet, body wise was very thin with ribs clearly visible. Malcolm gave the ok to shoot at around 85 yards dropped on the spot. Back to the bothy for a lovely breakfast and a few hours sleep.

    The evening stalk was upon us and we were joined by Chris from oxford and Malcs other guide Tom. Tom had the pleasure of taking me out for the evening and a cold windy evening it was and unfortunately blanked but still had a good craic with Tom. The following morning I was once again out with tom stalking whilst Malcolm guided for Gino. We stalked in some lovely woodland with slots everywhere but again blanking on the deer front but managed a long range fox which I later ranged at 10 yards!

    My final stalk with Tom and we wondered around woodland and open fields on a warm evening and a mild wind. we saw a few Roe does and walked on until what was getting near last light on a large field tom spotted a roe grazing on the edge of a field. As we approached we lost sight of the roe and it was too far to identify. Walking slowly along the field edge to where it was last seen we spotted a roe in the middle of the field and it was a buck! I slowly got on my sticks and Tom estimated the distance at around 150. Shot was true and down he went albeit ran on 30 yards or so.

    Final thanks to Malcolm and Tom cracking company, top hospitality, brilliant ground and a fantastic buck!


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    A nice write up mty , Malcolm has some real nice grounds and cracking deer , that fox was a good long shot at 10 yrds only ripping you! well done Louis

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    Thanks paul o' yes it was 10 yards so we got the wind right on that one...

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    bet he was to see you best way nice work

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    Good place to be with great guides ,and a decent result after bumping 3 does on my last trip Malc called a fox in close enough to hit on the head ,get em gone there,s a lot of Pheasant,s down there will be pleased with your 10 yd shot .Sounds like you did that yearling a favour with its ribs showing Atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Nice write up and a couple of deer to boot congrats
    regards pete

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    Nice one Louis , sounds like you had a great weekend and nice result

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    good one Louis, nice to have met you on the day. let have a quick write up on my stalking on that morning. after meeting Malcolm, we head up to to a farm which I never been with Malcolm. on arrival we walk down to a field here we immediately found a roe feeding, but of course it has to be a doe, and nothing else on the horizon. Malcolm decided to go and water some poor weed, which die within a couple of minutes and before he finish to over shake what he has in his hand, i spotted a buck coming out of the wood and i call "buck", trust me guy, Malcolm can move fast. the buck was at 284 yards away and close to the wood perimeter, taking that shot you have been silly in case the buck run back in the wood, as we do not have permission for that area, so Malcolm decided to go round and get a bit closer, we soon get back on that field and walk down a low as possible towards the buck which by that time was with the doe we saw earlier on. every were going fine when all over sudden we step on a fawn about three meters away and it run away which gave up our position to the buck and the doe, the both run back to the wood. we sat down for 20 mins waiting for them to get back out of the wood as the fawn was not too far away but no luck. we walk back and take a hidding place behind a bush and we didn't have to wait too long for the buck to appear , again too for for a safe shot as he was again too close to the wood perimeter, with Malcolm permission i crawl towards the buck as the field was very wavely i had to look back to Malcolm for me to direct me to the right direction as the grass was so long and couldn't see the buck. from about 60 yards i spot the buck again and he heard me crawling to him but as i was up wind to him the little ******* decided to catch the wind for a good sniff, i knew i didn't have long and spotted a gap in the long grass with a good back stop the second he walk pass the gap i fired, i didn't know if the .270 bullet or the blast from he rifle that kill him as by then he was only 50 yards away and fell down immediately.

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    Another good write up well done to all. cant wait till we get out on the fallow with Malcolm later on in the year.

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    Good 4 days stalking with VERY variable weather!!

    Good to see Louis again, and Geno you should look the other way when I am watering the plants

    Again very on and off with the bucks, but another very large buck seen with Dave off the site, didnt quite get the shot we wanted, but the end result was even better as we picked up a cull buck from last week.

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