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Thread: Semi custom tikka t3s

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    Semi custom tikka t3s

    Need some ideas for a project I'm starting this summer I wonder if you guys could be so kind as to show what you have so I can take notes 😉 Cheers

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	70850The only mods are the GRS stock and UK Gunworks bolt handle but I'm pretty happy. I'll probably put a metal bolt shroud on at some point and that will be it.

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    Have a look through the gunsmiths showcase on UK Varminting and also have a search on here. Lots of eye candy to be,found.

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    Iv already done one tikka t3 and I'm out of ideas and I don't really want a double of what I have thanks for replies Click image for larger version. 

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    T3 has one big advantage over other actions, a properly bedded stock will take any T3 action and the rifle will shoot well. This means one can have a few T3 rifles in different configurations as in cal, barrel lengths etc. and swop them between stocks depending on needs. The bedding must be done right for this to work.
    The only disadvantage I see with the T3 action is that it can be difficult but not impossible to fit AI type long action magazines.
    I have a CTR on order at the moment which I want to compare accuracy wise with an semi custom T3 fitted with a good match barrel. 308 T3 barrels seem to be extremely good at the moment.
    One issue with many aftermarket parts is that weight of the rifle can creep up, maybe even unnecessary. I want to turn my new CTR into the same rifle as the one in the pic and then compare the two. At the same time I am putting together a T3 lite in 22-250 with a very light hunter style stock mr. fox. Nice thing is the CTR can also be swopped into that light stock and turned into a scout type rifle with 5 or 10 shot aics mags.

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    Ejg how do you rate the pm2 ultra short for stalking thanks for your replies

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    Benji, the idea of the Ultra short PM2 on this rifle was to have a slightly lighter, smaller and lower scope than the usual tactical scopes. The 3-20 magnification range is a good all-round compromise. The low locked elevation turret and capped windage turret are a bonus for rough field use.
    When I received the scope I was at first disappointed with how finicky it seemed to head position at the highest mag, also it seemed difficult to get a very crisp picture at 20mag. After taking time adjusting the eyepiece it seemed better. The Parallax figures also seem way off. Now after some time in the field I am really warming to the scope and have done some fantastic shooting with it. What I think is missing for this type of a scope would be a flash dot ala S&B Zenith.
    Every scope seems to have some short comings. I am shooting this scope a few times a week and must say I would trust it in the worst conditions.

    plinking white spots on a rock at 400m

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