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    Is anybody out there wearing the new Lowa Hunter GTX EVO Extreme boots? If so, what are they like? Any feedback gratefully received..

    Regards, cjs

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    Got some Lowa GTX but not the extremes. Love them. I'm normally a size 8 and bought size 8s and they for perfect with normal hiking socks. I see you local, if your a size 8 and want to try them your more than welcome.

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    Had the old hunter gtx, still going well about 6 years old now look a bit tired but very comfortable.

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    Thanks for the reply guys, how's the waterproofing? I'm sick of damp socks!

    Co1, cheers for the offer but, I'm a nine…


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    I forgot about them and left them covered in mud by the boiler over the summer, which cracked the leather, they leaked a tiny amount since then I have used mink oil on them and had no problems, even cross streams in them and still have dry feet.

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    Hi CJS66

    It's a coincidence that you have raised this post - I have just returned from my ground in Scotland & have field-tested a pair of Hunter GTX this weekend as we are considering stocking them...

    For the last few years I have always worn Mendle's (just started leaking after 5yrs use) & have always been very satisfied, however the urge was strong to try something different for my stalking & to add to our range of stalking products.

    Straight out of the box the Lowa's felt very comfortable - the Lowa's are 95g heavier then my Dovre Extremes but somehow felt lighter. To me the Mendle soles are quite hard & you seem to feel stones on the forest track etc - the Lowa soles appeared softer and more "forgiving", lace-up was very positive as you would expect of any boot in this price point.

    Yesterday afternoon the temperature was around 23 degrees & I have to admit my feet were hot - I reckon the Lowa's will be warmer in winter than the Mendle's, so for some maybe a cooler boot would be more preferable, however for me it didn't cause too much discomfort.

    The boots were trailed over steep hills, clear-fell, through burns etc and performed very well, obviously a true test is to wear boots regularly & over a 12 month period before a thorough opinion can be made, however the weekend's test has made my decision easy and further discussion with the UK wholesaler will follow...


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    No worries mate. Waterproofing wise they are great, although I do look after them quite obsessively!

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    Ok fellas, thanks for the input, much appreciated…

    I've paid big money for boots before and been disappointed, more than once.. Meindl, as you say Rob, were too hard on the sole and made my knees sore. And my Harkilas, the Kevlar ones, although very comfy, leak. Hopefully the Lowas will fit the bill.


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    We're connected with Monarch by choice - so you can imagine my 'delight' when Rob mentioned the likely stocking of Lowa - two weeks after I'd splashed out on a new pair!

    Build wise I find them fautless. My previous pair are approaching 5 years old - outer leather split in places, but no leaks detected and very comfortable right from the off. New purchase simply because first pair are starting to show real wear and I cant afford to be bootless - so standby set needed to be ready to roll.

    Everyone has different feet - so interesting to see Robs comments regards Meindl - as those shred my feet; yet found Lowa a perfect fit for me.
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    Thanks for the advice chaps.. Called in Northallerton Shooting on the way home from work today, and i'm now sitting with a new pair on waiting to go to the clays for a quick 50..
    That'll give em a work out…

    Just one more thing, what have you been putting on them to keep them waterproof? I usually use that wax stuff in the small jar from Meindl, will that do?

    Cheers. cjs

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