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    hornady gmx

    with all this great debate rattling on about non toxic bullets , copper and so forth and ive been thinking about changing to copper for a while , but ive just not taken the plunge !

    ive been hearing good things about barnes tipped tsx and the tsx but not really heard much mentioned about the hornady gmx !

    im using hornady sst's with great results , so if i am going to change im thinking the gmx would be a good place to start , so what i would like to know is anyone on the SD using them regularly with their stalking and what are their findings with meat damage ect ?

    cheers lee

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    Tried the TSX bullets with varied success and am currently half way through my first box of 30cal 165gr GMX bullets. I deliberately put the first 30 through targets at varying distances to confirm consistency and have since dropped only 2 roe bucks. In both cases, i shot through the heart to access meat damage which i'd rate as 3/4 that of a conventional SST. 1 roe was dropped at about 60yds and the 2nd just over 200yds.

    Early days but so far i have more confidence in these GMX, than the barnes TSX bullets. They're not any cheaper though and bloody hard to get a hold off.

    I shall shorly begin trialing the GMX 25cal 110gr in my 25-06.

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