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Thread: AYA Yeoman s/s

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    AYA Yeoman s/s

    I have an AYA yeoman sat in my safe which I am unable to hit a barn door with!

    Iv used it a bit and all works as it should , its a double trigger non-ejector model with quite nice wood for a cheap gun.

    I'm after 150 pounds for it , its located just north of Birmingham, but can be bought to Essex and London when I next go down.

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    I have a mate who is after one for his 15 year old son but needs to be nearer 100 !! is there any movement in it ? many thanks Kev

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    Maby a tiny bit if it was to be collected from Birmingham, but not alot, I gave 150 for it and dont want to make a loss aha!

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    I've had these, good solid, reliable. This barn door problem. Is it so bad that even if stood inside the barn you still miss?

    IMHO it's the gun too tightly choked. Count the * symbols on the barrels just beyond the flats. More = less choke. Less = more choke. (It works like that as a * is stamped each time a "degree" of choke is removed. I'd reckon your AYA will be * left and ** right.

    Other thing with them is that the stock is, for nowadays, the late 20th Century human dimensions, too short. I'd try it with a good slip on pad see if it works OK and fibre wad cartridges if you currenty use plastic.

    The gun looks good. Can't fault it, from how it looks, at that price. It might be worth checking what they make at Holt's to see if an auction is an alternative?

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