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Thread: RCO's and their children

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    RCO's and their children

    Funny thing happened on saterday .

    Went to the range and a high ranking member of the BDS was the RCO .
    Who brought his child approx 10-12 years old to the range .

    Not to bad so far ?

    Then conducted his duty as RCO 2 hrs plus 45 min shooting while the bored child entertained himself out of sight of his parent [ behind the fp though].

    what do you lot think ?

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    Sounds about right to me. I'd have loved to of seen his risk assessment.

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    three things
    1 was the child supervised? while parent was shooting
    2 rco can shoot he deligates for someone else to supervise .
    3 was it a private range ie not MOD

    the child left to play is certaiunly not good


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    300 wsm

    put it this way if you look on the BDS web site on head office he is one of the three men listed.

    When he was shooting one of the of the onther men on said site was rco.


    Child was not supervised by any one while he was rco or shooting although adults were near the child was just trying to entertain himself.

    Private range

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    it sounds like a bunch of people shooting not particularly organised,
    as it is a private range anything goes, usually if you do not agree i would vote with my feet and leave, not worth the bother, not sure what the comment about plumbers is? it is safer to have the nearby than out of sight, if some one is designated/agreed to be rco that is upto them. i do not have a problem with children on ranges as long as the people look after them, when i shoot friends keep an eye on them, but they are aware of the dangers but they also shoot.
    sounds like you two know each other and were there(splash/300wsm)
    if this is the way the bds organise shoots then i won't be particpating in it


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    Re: RCO's and their children

    Quote Originally Posted by splash
    Went to the range and a high ranking member of the BDS was the RCO .
    So 300wsm - you're not really, are you?

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