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Thread: Range finders

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    Range finders

    Looking for range finders that will only be used for distances up to 500 m.Must be reasonably priced as i is but a poor stalker


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    because it does not have cammo colours its cheap

    paint it in green add $300


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    i have been looking at these and going to have a go cheapest i have found

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    I purchased a Nikon Laser 800 from US ebay and I'm really happy with it, I've had results as far as 980 meters off highly reflective targets and trees at 500m were no problem.

    Here's a link to one for $250 inc. postage to the UK

    When you say you want something for distances of up to 500m I would recommend going for an advertised 800-1000m range finder as these ranges only relate to highly refelective targets, for example the windows on a building in "perfect conditions". For less reflective targets, deer/ tree the range is greatly reduced.

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    Cheers lads that`s given me a few ideas.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    i have been looking at these and going to have a go cheapest i have found
    I been using this exact same model for months, perfect & very accurate, why pay more ??

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    I purchaced a Nikon 440 from across the pond on evilbay only cost me 90 did the job perfect,

    ATB Nick.

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