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Thread: Ride on mower

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    Ride on mower

    Ok I am totally rubbish at mechanics hence the question !
    My ride on mower has been brilliant all last year and so far this year ! But
    yesterday I was cutting grass fine stopped it for a minute then tried to start it back up won t go !!
    Plenty of fuel and battery . Turn the key and it just makes a clicking sound , the wheel is sort of going around but not firing at all ?
    Any ideas please ?
    Tha ks

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    Blocked fuel filter perhaps? Is there a spark?

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    Hi Tom,
    These beasts are the most unreliable mechanical devices.
    Sounds like your battery is low so, if its 12 volt, use jump leads from the car/spare battery and see if that works. If it starts - its a new battery, or you need to check its charging - do that overnight with a charger. Thats my best bet.
    If you have a separate switch for your cutting deck (dashboard), it must be turned off before you attempt a restart simply because on some, there are cutouts on the seat, the deck, and the brake. So you usually have to be sat on it (otherwise danger from turning blades), with the deck off - too much load to turn the deck as well as the engine, and brake to ensure you remain stationary as it fires. One of mine used to do this and it was simply a poor connection to the electronic clutch which engages the cutting deck. check the battery and make sure the cut- outs are where they should be sit on it, switch off the deck and pt the brake on - above, and it should go. Anything else is a trip to your local garden equipment shop for a diagnosis.
    Good luck.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just get a new one. Here's a one owner model for sale I saw recently.

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    Starter solenoid. 50 to replace and fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    Starter solenoid. 50 to replace and fit.
    That's what it sounds like to me or loose battery terminal.

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    As others said sounds starter/battery, check the earth as well, had a tractor which once warm would just click when went to restart, a long fiddle with the shuttle always seemed to sort it so always assumed the switch on the shuttle was faulty but in the end was just a earth off the battery needed a look at.

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    Tom, my friend took a strimmer to a guy local to you, he thought his pricing was fair, would you like me to find out his contact details?

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    Because it stopped working suddenly, it's probably a simple connection or break in the wiring. Check the terminals and any joints on the circuits. If you have a multimeter (15 from Maplins) check voltage is getting through and also that you don't have massive resistance on any piece of wire - if you do it is broken.

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    Thanks guys I have a mate coming around to look at it , he thinks starter motor ! We will see I am going to charge her up but I don't think s battery .

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