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Thread: teckel tracking

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    teckel tracking

    Hope this link works.

    Here is his first solo track on a 1 hour old lay over approx 150 yards.
    He's only one but progressing nicely. I think he gos a little confused towards the end as there was rabbits all around the hoof.
    What I did find good was the speed he picked up the trail when on flatter ground.

    I didn't put a head or cape at the end as I don't always do as I never train my teckels where they are always expecting to find a deer at the end as I feel they'll become to confident
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    He's got some tail on him! At least he'll be easy to find.
    Good stuff.

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    Looking good. Great tail!
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    Cheers guys, we no how these hounds work and great they are.

    Never thought about his tail. He's showing great potential and is keen. I would like to think hell progress better than my other two eventually due to his breeding lines. All my teckels are minitures around the 10lb mark. My other two are bitches and short hair. He is my first wire hair male where he's working lines are from abroad. I see a difference and a difference I like.

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    For a mini he's tail looks nice and strong. Infact it looks thicker than my standard smooth hair, but on a par with my standard wirehair.
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    Looking good Weeman!

    I'm in the process of training mine up to be an approved search dog for wounded game here in Norway.

    Here's a little clip of a track I laid, it was 3 hours old but it had been raining for the 3 hours since I laid the track.

    You can see he struggles in the open areas where the blood has been watched away but he got there in the end :-)

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    Jonher , how old is your Teckel??

    Cheers for the kind comment.
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    Hi mate,

    He's was 3 in May.

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