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Thread: 6.5 mm Creedmoor Reloading advise needed

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    6.5 mm Creedmoor Reloading advise needed

    I was contacted by a friends son who has the above rifle but cannot obtain factory ammo as it appears to be in very short supply.

    He has some dies on order and I am happy to show him how to reload but it would help if I had some pointers on suitable powders and bullets:

    The rifle is a Ruger precision with a 1:8 twist barrel.

    Will try and reload some hunting and target ammo.

    He has been told the 140 grn a max is a good bullet to use but these seem difficult to obtain apparently now not in production.

    He has 40 once fired Hornaday cases so suggestions on brass may be helpfull.

    So sources of cases/bullets would be very helpfull.

    Dies on order from Spud.



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    Set of Lee dies from Titan reloading in the US would be cheaper

    For brass just use good quality 22-250 (Lapua, Norma, Sako, Nosler) resized through the 6.5C full length die, they will fire form first use.

    For bullets I use 140gr Nosler Custom Competition from about €280/1000 plus €15 shipping from Germany.

    Currently pushing them with 38.5gr of Lovex S062 at 2720fps. The 123gr Sierra Matchkings also work very nicely with about 37.5gr of Viht N140.
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    I have fireformed 22-250 for my Creedmoor Predator and it works well. The final prodict come out about .040" short which doesn't affect performance at all. If the guy has Hornady brass, FL resize and load (iirc) 41.5 if H4350 under a 140 gain bullet of choice. This is what the factory loads and even prints the load on the box. Seat the bullet to spec OAL. Hard to go wrong.~Muir

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    Lapua 123 and 139 scenar shoot very well out of my Ruger with H4350, and easy to get coming from Europe

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    As H4350 is often hard to get these days, a European alternative which is a bit cheaper and is if anything better than the Hodgdon grade is Reload Swiss RS62. (NB NOT RS60 which is the very hot burning high-energy powder also known to many as Alliant Reloder 17 or the briefly available 'Elcho 17'.)

    I've had very good results with 140s and RS62 in the 42-43gn charge weight range, but it can be taken to heavier loads without pressure problems. I've not tried Viht powders yet in the cartridge, but many are reporting good results with 120-130gn bullets and N140. As N150 works very well with the 6.5X47L and 260 Rem too with these bullet weights, it should also give good results in this cartridge with its very similar internal ballistics and usable pressures.

    Finally, there is the new IMR-4451 now becoming available here. For many and varied reasons, we're likely to see the UK and Europe weaned off some existing Hodgdon / IMR powders and encouraged to use the new-technology IMR 'Enduron' grades that are now appearing. It has a similar burning rate to the 4350s, but IME needs around a grain heavier charges than H4350 to give the same MVs in the Creedmoor with 140s and similar groups, ie 42-43gn.

    So far as factory ammo goes, Edgar Brothers has a massive shipment currently en route from Hornady, so the shortages should abate soon.

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    Lots of information here:

    My 6.5mmCM RPR is waiting at Portsmouth Gun Center for me to pick it up. A Sightron SIII 8-32 1/8MOA LRD is winging its way from Slovenia as we speak. Lee Ultimate die set arrived from Spud today (thanks), to join the 142gr SMK's and H4350 already in stock, with the 6.5 CM brass from Phaedra and 22-250 Lapua brass from S8mdevo. And Surrey Police turned round my variation request in 20 days.
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    Many thanks just awaiting dies and powder and we will see what we can make.


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    Just an update lad came around this am and we loaded up a series up to 41.2 grn H4350 10 thou off factory COL. Ran it through Quick load and seemed acceptable load. Had a txt this eve saying the 41.2 shot a 5mm group at 100 yds so happy chappy. Many thanks for the input.



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    I have heard a friend say 123 grain Amax shot best in his 260, I cant think there will be much to differ in the creedmoor . You could see if you could get some of the new Hornady eld's. Think they will be in practical terms much the same as Amax.

    I will try the ELD's when I use the last of the amax Ive got. I shoot 6.5-284 btw

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    Thank goodness Quick load verified the acceptability of Hornady's Match Load. I'm sure the guys in Grand Island are breathing easier... ~Muir

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