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Thread: Thermal Imaging For 225

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    Thermal Imaging For 225

    Has anybody read the article in the Sporting Rifle about the Reveal XR, Compact and Compact XR thermal imaging units, starting price 225. Seems hard to believe, I know the detection range is a lot shorter than the higher price units but at 550 meters that isn't bad. Has anybody got any feedback on them?


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    No experience myself but seem to remember a thread on here recently. Their performance was apparently not very good at all......

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    Hi Kieran

    The small Compact XR is fine for commercial or industrial work, leaking pipes etc or for close up detection of downed quarry etc, but it attaches to a mobile phone and is slightly gimmicky but for what it is its very nice, but not a stalking bit of kit.

    The Reveal XR Fast Frame is a great little tool and is 275m man sized detection (a blob basically) but is great for sub 100m use, spotting, blood trail tracking and downed quarry. Not sure where you get the 500m as none of the current models appear to offer that?

    I have one and it works great for the distance but dont expect it to detect a roe deer at may see a faint heat blob, but thats about it, but as a quarry finder its bloody superb and blood trails stay visible for longer than you would expect.

    Buy Seek Reveal XR Hand Held Thermal Imaging - shop at suppliers Scott Country

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I looked into it after reading the same info, if you look on youtube there is some footage, its not quite there yet for my money

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    I've had a play with the Reveal XR Fast Frame and for the money it's a useful bit of kit. It's clearly not in the same league as the 2k+ handheld imagers but then it's nowhere near that cost. For finding shot game and blood trails etc, it's worth every penny.

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