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Thread: Beretta Silver Pigeon 20g & 28g two barrel set.

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    Beretta Silver Pigeon 20g & 28g two barrel set.

    First time I had tried selling any of my guns on here, so will give it a go before I list on Guntrader. I bought this lovely little set for my wife and daughter to try clays/pigeon shooting but both of them prefer rifles. I used once on a game shoot with tight chokes for ducks and it does work I can assure you!

    I have had the gold plated adjustable trigger fitted and it with come with standard and Gel-Tek butt pads. Both sets of barrels are mint and the wood work I would describe as pretty but not eye-catching as with most field grade Berettas.

    I have bought some separate Briley chokes for it which can be negotiated into the deal if required as will the 28g shells I still have.

    I will consider a 20g Semi-auto in p/ex but it will have to v.good or mint condition (preferably Beretta or Benelli).

    Happy to meet to do F2F transfer or will do RFD to RFD if required (providing payment is completed first).

    Any serious enquires PM me and provide an email addy so I can send you some decent pics.

    1800 cash which is a snip as these are rare as rocking horse droppings and well under 1/2 the price of a Ceaser Guarani which is the only available 'budget' two barrel set up available to us in the UK. GMK have stopped importing these as they didn't sell many and the few they did were ordered in.

    Please feel free to ask questions as the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!

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    A few questions I'm sure others will also want to know:

    length of pull
    lenght of barrels
    a picture paints a thousand words too.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Hmmm sorry my location isn't on my profile..... Just south of Lincoln.

    28" barrels length of pull is std Beretta Sil Pig....14-3/4" to 15-1/4" depending on butt plate.

    edit- location updated!
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    Oh and forgot to add the obvious, std Beretta hardcase and all the case candy is still there.

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    Any interest before I put it on Guntrader?

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    Now on Guntrader with pics.

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