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Thread: May trip to Hungary ...............

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    May trip to Hungary ...............

    I sat out on the first night, and saw nothing, and just lots of deer the first morning So the second evening, we approached the feed station very quietly, and Fari the keeper told me to hold back, whilst he crept round to check it out. He came back grinning, and telling me there were boar already there. I thought he was pulling my leg, given it was well before sunset, but he was serious. Nuts, we never see anything out this early, and the rifle was still in the slip, with the ammunition, and scope in my pack

    So I got sorted as quietly as I could, hoping the boar didn't hear, or wind us, and then back tracked, circling around, using the trees for cover, as I got into a position I could shoot from, using a branch as a rest.

    One boar down, falling straight into the worst place it could have landed !

    But Fari pulled it out, and we loaded it into his truck. He then went back, to prep', and get it into the chiller.

    It was still only around 6.30. The station looked promising, so I got set up, hoping for a chance at a second.

    I sat patiently until 9.45, when I checked with the thermal to see if anything was out, and was surprised to see one out, not having heard any noise at all. Second one down,
    and George and Ben came to collect me, and we got the boar in the back of the truck. Another about 50kg, but prized for the table.

    And this is where the fun started. It had started raining again, adding to the already slippy ground, and George's road tires were going nowhere fast. Then he started sliding sideways, promptly getting stuck, tight against a tree going nowhere.

    Making horrible noises every time George tried moving😖

    But in typical Hungarian style, nothing a beer, and a smile couldn't cure, even if I was outside, getting soaked in the rain !

    Cutting a long, wet story short, Fari returned to tow us out, but not before needing to remove half a tree, and keeping clear of a very old, dodgy looking steel tow cable

    So we get back to the chiller, and Ben, who sadly isn't a very successful hunter, asked if he could be in the picture to show his friends (He's going to kill me )

    Another successful trip with George (Hungarianhunter) and sidekick Ben. I can't wait until July for the next adventure 😃

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    The best pick up ever we had a great fun even we had a difficult time i wish i can do more successful pick up for you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HungarianHunter View Post
    The best pick up ever we had a great fun even we had a difficult time i wish i can do more successful pick up for you...
    Well I hope Gabor has sorted the new mud tires by the time we go in July, although looking at the weather forecast for June, I doubt we'll need them.

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    Forget the mud tyres - just get down the gym before you go.

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