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Thread: Leica geovid 1st generation

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    Leica geovid 1st generation

    My brother has a pair of 1st generation Geovids 8x42 & they must be near 8 or 10 yrs old ?, dunnoe when first came out .
    Cricket they are a cracking set of binos, & never missed a beat and are ranging alongside a set of new swaro RF bins that were struggling to give a reading .

    Had a wee gander but I've yet to see a pair of 1st generation ones come up for sale .....anybody any recommendations were to keep looking ? & what do you think fair price would be ?


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    Recent post on here said somebody had been offered a pair at 800 which is a snip. Haven't seen many for sale no wonder as they are so good, if you could get a good second pair under 1000 you would be doing well. My HD's cost me 1,500 6 years ago. Just keep looking.


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    Two things to consider with older range finding binoculars -
    Do they range in yards or metres?
    Do they give a line of sight range or an effective horizontal range?
    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    Recent post on here said somebody had been offered a pair at 800 which is a snip. D
    suspect that was me ! Took me a couple of years and a lot of looking to find exactly what I was after. Great binoculars, built to last. To my eyes my Swaro's, non range finding, have the edge at dusk but it is marginal. It was a while ago but McLeods had a set of Geovids in 8x42s ??

    Take your time and eventually you will get what you are after.


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    Cheers guys

    The thread on group buy for binos from the eurozone has got me thinking

    I have found a few pairs of gen 1 available in uk at a fair price .... But mmmm wondering if available from "euro zone " wether or not I could find an older pair over there maybe save some
    Anyone got any links for optics in Europe ?


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    Anyone recommend any euro retailers ?


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