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Thread: staffordshire newby

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    staffordshire newby

    not quite a senior cit. but getting there, manage vermin shooting over three local farms and now there's muntjac around have traded my 17hmr for a 223 tikka t 3 lite. Other arms, AA tdr 22 with NVRS great for ratting and a Savage 22 rimmy for the rabbits

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    welcome to the site callie.

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    Welcome callie, im also from staffs where abouts are you located.


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    tika.308 thank you for the welcome callie

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    223 Hi Dave, I'm based at Tamworth, thank you for the welcome, callie

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    Welcome Callie.

    I'm from a village between Lichfield and Burton, so not a million miles away.

    Where we live is handy for Catton at least.



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    dovebob:- thanks for the welcome, sounds as though you're barton, alrewas way. Went to gamekeepers day at catton, what a cracking day out , well worth it, definately go again. atb callie

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    I'm from Barton.

    Not sure if you had a look at the custom knife making stall at Catton but if you did, I was the shorter of the two blokes on it. The knifemaker is my brother in law.



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    HI bob, probably did, I visited all the interesting stalls on the day.

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    Welcome callie, maybe all us staffordshire lot can meet up at Catton this year.

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