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Thread: Japanese Knot Weed

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    Japanese Knot Weed

    Has anyone any experience buying or selling a house with Japanese Knotweed in or around the property.
    We have found a cracking house, put an offer in, offer accepted, then the surveyor came back with his report yesterday at 0 because of the weed in a bit of land over the back fence.
    The land is disused and owned by a church.
    Were getting in touch with mortgage solicitor and estate agent today to see what the craic is.

    Has anyone had any bother with this pain in the ass weed?


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    I have only experience of it in a pen and it is ****** difficult to get rid of. Here is a worst case of house price effects - note, it is the Mirror. I must say I wouldnt have thought it was so serious but ------

    Another source, a little more reliable. It does suggest this will affect the value of the house and the willingness of a lender to allow a mortgage. If its possible, and the church agrees to fund it it can (apparently) be eradicated. Personally, I would avoid if at all possible as reactions seem mixed but all effects on the property valuation seem to be negative.

    How to spot Japanese knotweed and what mortgage lenders say about it | This is Money
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    I have seen what it can do. It will grow through concrete, and spreads like wild fire and is awful stuff to eradicate. If its next door it will soon be in your garden and may already be there?

    This is quite possibly why the surveyor has pointed it out as it costs a lot of money to get rid of and possibly could damage the property you are looking at buying?
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    It is a total **** to deal with, I would walk away.

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    Yes - just been through the process. Drop me a PM and we can chat.
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    Mibee i've just been lucky but i sprayed/injected some last Sept time for a mate and as of yet it has not came back at all (yet!!)

    I'll be going up to his this wknd to double check myself. But the other times i've checked no sign of life at all. Touch wood.

    I started a thread here last year about it if u searched were i got some good advice of folk how to treat it. Was actually meaning to update it if still no growth

    Basically i mixed up some very strong glycophosphate (roundup/clinc ace) cut the biggest bits down with my pen knife (best way i found to leave stems intact to fill with spray) leaving 'stumps' 4"ish high, pushed some fencing wire down stem to break any membrane's and filled with the glyco, the smaller stems i just sprayed and so far looks good.
    Read online other folk that have done similar and killed it out quite quickly/easily too with just 1 treatment.

    But from wot i read if u disturb the soil it can regrow again and roots stay active for 20 odd years so long term monitoring it.

    The choice may be out of ur hands as some mortgage companies won't lend on houses with it within 100m radius.
    Depending on the site/house it would not neccesarrily put me off but u would be wanting a decent discount and now it has been recorded u will have to notify anyone u sell the house too.
    I would also imagine ur mortgage company might want a ticket from a proper JKW company saying it has been treated etc, so doubtful u could even do it urself now
    But there is so much of it around nowadys it will soon get to stage where a large % of houses have it within miles of the house

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    Thanks for all the input, sounds like a right pain to get rid of plus legal implications.

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    I was taking the top off a leylandi hedge in a garden that has it. The other contractor had quoted for digging it up with an excavator and removing the roots etc and dispose of correctly, they were asked just to take the top off, it was back within days

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    Ive seen how hard it is to get rid of this plant, and how destructive it advice take steps , long ones in the opposite direction, youll be glad you did!

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