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Thread: Maximum Range 6.5 x 55 ?

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    Maximum Range 6.5 x 55 ?

    Here is a hypothetical question.

    What would be the "maximum" deer ( Roe and Red) killing range of a 6.5 x 55 -120g travelling at 2650 ?

    Assuming of course that the shot placement was "perfect" !

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    Probably not the answer u want to hear but a lot lot further than most people could normally place the 'perfect' shot, and that will be different for everyone. So really irrelevant in grand scheme of things

    Wot is more imporant is wot is the max range U can place ur 'perfect' shot time after time after time in field conditions, and that will vary from day to day

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    150 yards for me as that is the maximum range that I shoot regularly to.

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    it's still carrying 83ft/lbs of energy at 3000m that's the same as a 22lr subsonic load at 50m , so if you can hit it in the head at 3000m you'll kill it.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    The old army test for lethality was whether or not a round could penetrate a 1" thick pine board at a given range. If it could penetrate the board then it was considered the round had enough energy and penetration to kill someone.

    Believe it or not a .22LR can penetrate such a board easily at 600x (I've seen it done aiming at a big old 8'x4' piece of board) so a 6.5x55 would be lethal over miles of range.

    I heard about an incident fairly recently in Scandinavia where a chappy shooting 6.5x55 shot a bird out of a tree and, chance in a million, the round came to a stop 3.5 miles away back at camp after passing through his mates leg! It was only luck the round didn't go higher as it would have killed him if it had.

    And a good few years back when I started shooting I remember being told as part of a safety talk about a young fellow in the US shooting a 9mm pistol and for a "joke" with his mates fired the pistol towards a dog walker on the other side of the ranch they were shooting on and killed the guy, and I gather that was over a mile of range.

    Thats why having a safe backstop is absolutely the number 1 consideration before you pull the trigger because that round will definitely seriously injure and quite possibly kill whatever it hits regardless of the range.

    So to your original question, assuming you could achieve perfect shot placement the round would be lethal over several miles quite easily.

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    As a little aside - The last words of John Sedgwick

    Strelok shows my 140gn 6.5*55 SP load as still around 400ftlbs at 1000m.

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    Thank you one and all, more nuggets of knowledge, eye watering !

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    Thomas Haugland used a 6.5x55 on a range to shoot 6" gongs at 800m
    will see if I can find video

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    you don't really want a terminal energy of less than 1,000ft/lbs so whatever range your software tells you that would be the case is the limit on that basis.. Of course, a bullet carrying much less than that could kill, but in a humane hunting situation, look at 1,000 being your floor.

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    Regularly use 6.5x55 to shoot 1,000yds at Bisley.. the calibre has the legs, there is no doubt of that (it'll still carry about 4km if let go at 32deg) and is arguably more accurate at distance than the good old .308 but the OP was asking about knocking deer over

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