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Thread: Zeiss Conquest 5-25x50.

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    Zeiss Conquest 5-25x50.

    Has any one used or seen the Zeiss 5-25x50 HD in inch tube,views on reticles ,glass ,twilight ,etc.

    Thanks ACJ.

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    very good scope for the money SGC are currently offering them at.....
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    Hi Have had two.

    The new HD Conquests are very good and is certainly a big improvement over the previous 5-20 conquest scope.
    Mine is fitted with lockable target turret with 0.25 MOA adjustment - the zero stop isn't good and looks like it has been invented by a retarded monkey, but other than that , the scope tracks perfectly and is pretty solid

    Optically it is very good - the FOV is one of the best in its class and it doesn't tunnel like a lot of target type scopes. Low light performance is also a strong point of the scope... it certainly doesn't white out when you point it west in the evening - like some eastern scopes do.

    Optically it is well behind the Victory 6-24 - but hey what can you expect for a third of the price.. Its a great all-rounder in my eyes - probably more suited to foxing , varminting than strictly target use. The target guys will probably hate it because of the lack of adjustment and the daft zero stop.


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    I have one with the rapid Z reticle, there ballistic information for this reticle on there site , Is excellent.
    For the money, there being sold for at the moment, I think their a good buy. Can't really say anymore that Allan has already mentioned.

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