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Thread: Titan Rifles

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    Titan Rifles

    Anyone got a Titan? Look good on paper but what's the reality? Trigger any good? Info a RUAG website is very limited.

    Thanks chaps

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    Heavy and a nasty trigger.

    People seem to like them because they are cheap new. For the same money (ish) get a CZ.

    A better bet would be a quality second hand 1 owner / low use rifle.

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    I had a long hard look at them before buying my second Sauer 202. I felt they were very very budget built. The safety is the tang type as a shotgun, which I guess you would either love or hate. The whole ensemble just felt cheap to me, but then I have been very spoilt by the Sauer. I think the price tag tells you much of what you need to know, it was one of the cheapest new rifles on the market when I was looking. I'm sure they shoot just fine, depends on whether you like the feel and look of what you shoot, or whether it's a tool for a job.

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    Seen a couple that clients have had, I must admit I wasn't that impressed by the build quality, the finnish wasn't great, as a working rifle [west coast] I wouldn't imagine the blueing wouldn't stay intact for long.
    I'm not sure on price?
    I'm pretty sure thet have a single set trigger , depends whether you like that or not. Seemed accurate enough [25-06], and the lads killed deer cleanly with then, what more do you want?

    Personally I'd go good second hand or Browning, CZ

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    Pretty much as I'd expected, thanks folks. Just considering the options for a second rifle...can't afford to be off the road this autumn. It'll probably be a Tikka but you've got to look.

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