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Thread: 204 ruger, fired once cases

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    204 ruger, fired once cases

    Hi folks, not a very common caliber but I'm looking for 204 Ruger brass.

    Drop me a message with what you have ( if it is cleaned/deprimed/resized/trimmed or whatever and the make etc)

    Price that I'm willing to pay before postage for good condition once fired: Hornady 25/100, Nosler 40/100, Remington 17/100. Not really worth it for me to do any amounts less than 100 as the postage will play to much with the overall price per case.

    Regards, Mark
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    You'll be lucky. You might have to bite the proverbial bullet and buy some new Hornady. Mine needed a bit of prepping and are actually not bad,I'd heard a few horror stories about Hornady brass.

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    Used Hornady brass for years in the .204 without any problems.

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