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Thread: EU Study - cost 470000 euros concludes what is obvious concerning legally held guns

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    EU Study - cost 470000 euros concludes what is obvious concerning legally held guns

    You could not imagine it cost so much for what we and the police have known since guns were invented.
    EU anti-shooting study concedes what we already knew | UK Shooting News

    Perhaps our Orgs. can use this information to force the police to take a more realistic view in the future re "shop a shooter", increased licensing fees,
    Clause 81 - to say I have little faith that will happen is a bit of an understatement. However please make up your own mind.

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    It wouldn't have taken a genius to point out that law-abiding citizens generally won't jump through numerous hoops to obtain references, submit themselves to background checks, then spend a fortune on security, accessories, rifles/shotguns, etc before deciding the time is ripe to go on a bloody crime spree, would it? Honestly, these people must be a sandwich short of a hamper to see this as a worthwhile enterprise. It's verging on the razor edge of outright discrimination, if you ask me
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    Yes, this kind of thing happens all the time. The recent licensing of air weapons in Scotland is an example. Laws have been in place for a long long time against the miss use of such weapons. So now every responsible owner is Scotland will comply with the requirements of the law and get a license and pay the cost, yet the people who would miss use them probably wont.

    The cost of all these studies and surveys is astounding. Lots of money wasted on crap and red tape

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    Jobs for the boys though isnt it? If someone has some cushty Government job to look into this stuff then its in their interest to spend loads of money on "research" and drag it out for as long as possible.

    And thats apart from the sad fact that there is a view today seems to be "guns = bad" and if you want to own a gun then you clearly are a murdering sociopath, so therefore any effort or legislation to make it harder to be a gun owner can only be time and money well spent...

    Fortunately not everyone thinks that, demonstrated by the fact that FAC/SGC holder numbers are at a record high and more and more people seem to be getting into the shooting which can only be a good thing. More people involved means more people pushing back on unfair or nonsensical restrictions.

    And I do have to have a chuckle to myself when studies like this are carried out by the anti-shooting lobby and the results come back saying "actually no, legal gun owners DONT generally commit lots of crime with guns".

    Whats the saying? When all guns are outlawed... Those are the guys they need to be going after.

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