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Thread: Swarovski slc 7x42B & Leica LRF800 range master range finder

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    Swarovski slc 7x42B & Leica LRF800 range master range finder

    Hi folks as per title ,
    Swarovski slc 7x42B binoculars
    Lenses are unmarked
    Body unmarked , very slight marking around diopter / focus wheel
    Has full set of spare twist out eye cups & objective lense covers
    Swarovski neoprene strap
    Swarovski carry pouch
    Lint free cloth
    Swarovski lens wipe
    Monarch products bino caddy too
    550 incl tracked delivery

    Leica LRF800 range finder
    Does yards or meters
    ( switch inside battery compartment )
    Thin cord neck strap
    Lense clear unmarked
    Comes with carry pouch with belt loop
    Works perfectly & little use body unmarked

    240 incl tracked delivery


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    Sauer is meticulous looking after his kit, you'll not go wrong here.

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    Binoculars are sold pending payment

    Leica range finder still available


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    Range finder sold pending payment

    Thank you

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