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Thread: DPT UK moderators Excellent service

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    DPT UK moderators Excellent service

    Last Thursday evening I emailed DPT UK with a request for a new Mod in .308. I received a reply within minutes from William Evans (call me Bill). I had a phone conversation with him on Friday morning and he arranged that my new Lightweight mod would be delivered to Alcocks (Stourport) on Monday. It was delivered so on Tuesday morning I went to Alcocks and they drilled the bush to the barrel size and off I went. All round I received excellent communication from Bill at DPT UK and from Alcocks, all promises were kept and I am very pleased with the service I received.
    I have sighted in the mod today and its consistently accurate and seems just as quiet as my previous Jet Z.
    I am a happy chappie! Thank you to all concerned.

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    I'm in Ireland now and a few weeks ago I bought a mod with a S/s blast baffle for my .308
    It is fantastic, so light, great noise reduction and
    I give Bill 10 out of 10 for service, email replays very prompt.
    Highly recommend dpt mods and Bill.

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