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Thread: Rings and bases advice

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    Rings and bases advice

    I am in the fortunate position to be buying a new little Anschutz rifle for rabbits etc etc. I have always been delighted with the Optilock rings on a Sako I owned, mainly because of the plastic inserts which protect the scope from ring marks. My question is; What rings / bases can I get for a 11mm dovetail that have a similar insert so as not to mark the scope. My scope is a 25mm tube.
    Thanks in anticipation of some great SD advice.

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    If you are so happy with Optilocks why not put them on your new rifle as the company makes bases for the 11mm dovetail that is on the finnfire rifle.
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    Another option would be burris signature rimfire rings. They also have plastic inserts

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    as 8x57 has mentioned , buy the 11mm adapters and fit the optilocs, ive had the burris signature select and they are superb quality but if I remember correctly they are quite high mounts espically after fitting weaver bases.
    I have both the 1417 and 1517 and on my hmr I have the one piece weaver rail , this gives me lots of options and I now have 1" leupold qrw mounts and they are superb , take them off , fit the photon for nv and vice versa with no issues

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    Thanks all for such fast and informative replies. I'll take a look at Optilok bases as I didn't know they did them like that. I'll also have a look at the Burris solution.
    thanks again, Rupert

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    Use Burris Zee signature rings, when fitted to a rail might need to come down a couple of sizes, depends on the rail thickness. if your after 1" then they are quite cheap at the Optics Warehouse. If no rail as mine has then Sportsmatch are very good.


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