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Thread: Midges

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    Not sure of the combined weight of all the midges in Scotland but there were tons of them out last night and this morning when I was out on the hill. Wee f**kers, you just know its going to be painful even before you get out the pickup. Roll on October

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    Ha Ha i know how you feel i only have to cut my grass to come back in with less blood than i went out with.
    I also get a very nice reaction to the bites and have on occasion looked like ive been cage fighting with the swelling of the after bite.
    I have tried allsorts but some work most dont found the best thing is the full top body midge net jacket with the black net on the face piece so vision is ok.
    I wonder if certain blood groups suffer more than others.
    I dont know my blood group so i am only thinking out aloud.

    Regards Bally.

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    I suffer big time.
    Often end up having to go to the doctor to be given a steroid injection.
    Tried loads of sprays, garlic tablets, spraying neat gin onto clothing (just dont get stopped by the police when driving), rubbing tomatos onto bites, Tiger Balm.
    I asked previously if blood group is anything to do with it (as im one of the rare ones) only for the doctor to laugh. *****, was only a simple question.

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    Do they still bite in late Sept early Oct?

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    Midges only require a consistent temperatures of +10C to bite. So the biting season and how early they start and how long they continue depends on temperature. The recent sunny weather has knocked them back but they are out in force here now it is dull and damp.
    I've never found out why some people react much worse than others. If they are really bad I get small red dots, or bleed. Others in the family can come out in big lumps after one bite so same midges different reactions.

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    Was out stalking on my syndicate ground the other night and not many midges about as was very hot with a steady breeze.
    I shot a buck about 2030 and recovered it from the fell and took it back to where I have caravan to graloch it.

    I was wearing only trousers and long sleeve shirt and when bent down to work on deer my shirt came out of my trousers and this resulted in a massive midge attack around my waist line and top of my backside .
    What a bloody mess and how uncomfortable .
    I should have known better to wear so little as I had all the gear with me .
    The plus side is that there is a nice young buck hanging in the larder ready for me to butcher next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sellars View Post
    Others in the family can come out in big lumps after one bite so same midges different reactions.
    I've had a couple of bites on the arm, say 4 inches apart, merge together into large swelling.
    I've ended up with the back of my hand so swollen its actually very painfull, and i could not even slip my watch over my hand to get it off.
    Until i get a steroid injection i have seen myself basically scalding myself where the bites are, every 90 minutes to get releif. Once the steroid injection is done, then after a few hours all is well.

    I always overdose on the Antihystamine tablets before i go. As a supermarket says "Every little helps".
    I try to stay fully covered and will have a hat with an integrated mesh face shield. Not to much issue with a face bite, but arms, body or legs then i have issues.

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    I am also a very good attractant for midges and generally get eaten alive, the strange thing is my wife can be with me and not get a single bite!
    I currently use Smidge that midge and this seems to reduce the number of bites I receive when out stalking. If I know I've been bitten then I take an antihistamine which helps stop me from scratching the bites until they bleed, in a bid to get some relief.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    I am a midge and mossy magnet!

    As a consequence I take a five pronged attack

    a) vitamin B (allegedly excess levels are secreted through the skin and they dont like it)
    b) cover all known skin surfaces
    c) cover all other skin surfaces with every potion known to man
    d) Thermacell
    e) cigars when allowed!

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    Must admit i generally resort to a midger jacket (a net hoody with face net) once u get used to them u hardly notice ur wearing it. Esp if u wear a cap under it to keep it off ur face and u don't even notice the midges buzzing round u

    I bought quite a few for myself and nieghbours of Moray Outfitting on here, really decent and not dear.
    I have them stashed in van, pick up and utbuilding so i'm never far rom a midge jacket.
    Also eating garlic pills too, tried Vit B pills but didn't think they made a difference

    Mibee should start a different thread Anyone any experience of Midge eaters? Was thinking about buying 1 (there the big gas powered things that suck/attract midges in) Have heard decent reports about the green ones (i think scottish made) but my nieghburs bought a yellow Mozzie buster from America and they don't rate it. Althou i'mconvinced they have it sited far too close to there house to work properly

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