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Thread: Old dog not taking to new dog?

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    Old dog not taking to new dog?

    I have a 7 year old Border Terrier who has been the sole dog in the household since birth. Just recently got the puppy and he is terrified and I mean absolutely terrified of him. Coupled with the shouting at the pup when it does something wrong he seems to have got the hump and thinks its him. Tried to lavish as m,much attention on him as possible but he just cowers like a wreck. Recently he has been getting more and more introverted which we think stems from where he had 2 discs in his back fused 18 months ago when they shattered. Sadly since the Op he hasn't been the same dog and is scared of his shadow even though he is the most cosseted dog alive.

    Do you think he will become more accepting of the pup? Its been 10 days now and he's totally in his shell and only perks up when the pup is crated for bed.

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    My Terrier did the same after we got the Springer pup, luckily he ignored her for about 2 weeks which was surprising cos he's the most anti social dog I ever owned, left them out in the garden one afternoon with loads of toys and she kept offering to play, he got the hump, told her off with a yap and a growl, then everything went fine and they are best of mates now, think it's just a time thing.
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    We recently added a GWP dog pup to a household with a 9 year old Border dog. Took 3 months to settle down properly although the Border still puts him in his place if he pushes his luck. As said above, it just takes time and should settle down eventually. Border terriers become very attached to their owners and this will be a big change for him. Try and make sure the new pup fits in with your previous routine. Easier said than done!

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    They should settle down, its just a shock to the system. Only child gets a little sibling

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