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    Hi all,
    I'm after a trailcam that does the following:

    • Triggered by movement
    • Night shots
    • Preferably programable to shoot a whole field once every 20 mins
    • WORKS as it should do when new

    Does anyone have on they'd be willing to part with? If so I'd be interested to hear model and prices.
    Many Thanks

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    Morning Mike,

    Not sure if they are still doing it, however BDS had trail cams that you could loan of them. Unfortunately, I dont know of anyone that has.



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    Thanks PJ but I got a new Swann outback 12mp for 90, it's currently on a tree on some of my ground so hopefully it'll do the business! Cheers for the info anyway

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    the ltd acorn is about the best out there and its compact if you need prices feel free to pm me
    Regards mark

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    Aldi have there 69 field cameras for sale at the moment.
    From past discussions reference quality for money they seem OK, may not cover all your wish lists this

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    Just looked at my first batch of photos from the Swann outback 12mp. There are some crackers of me fiddling with the strap but that's about all. There are 20 or so frames of pure white so I turned the PIR down from max to med. Do you guys think this will do the trick?

    On another note, it has two hand operated clasps to open / close it, however there are also two brass flathead screws which need to be tightened to fully seal the unit, meaning I now need to take a screwdriver stalking with me. Does anyone have one of these units? Seems a bonkers design to me, are they strictly necessary? I've asked Swann tech support a few days ago and so far been ignored.

    Cheers and any advice would be thankfully received!

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