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Thread: Leupold vx3i

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    Leupold vx3i

    Anyone tried these yet, they are coming in at $400 cheaper than the vx3 , apparently Leupold were pricing themselves out of the market so brought in the new model?

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    I have a vx3i and I really like it.
    The I stands for improved.
    They have limited the range of scopes and reticles from what they used to make, so this give them lower manufacturing costs, they say!
    Mine is the 4.5-14x50 $480 really really great value!!
    I'd recommend them to anyone.

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    I looked at these and found little differanc e between the two variants

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    Interesting fact is, 6x mag on my old Swarovski 6x42, is 8.5 on the leupold, If I didn't, want the CDs I would have sent it back, but I will be speaking to leupold to get there comment.

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