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Thread: .....What's the chances......?

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    .....What's the chances......?

    Last year on my wee patch of ground a hind appeared with twins. As we know this is quite rare in wild red deer . To my amazement this morn while checking hoodie cages not 500 yards from where I spotted her last season here she is again ...with twins...!!
    I last saw her near the end of the hind, both calves were in good condition with one being slightly smaller.
    ... One kill....

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    Not quite rare but extremely rare in the wild, the late Lea MacNally had a tame hind that give birth to twins, and Stag 1933 from this site shot
    a hind in Cumbria that was carrying twin foetus.

    While there are anecdotal tales of twins there is very little evidence of them in the wild
    In fact in the 1980s I along with several other stalkers took part in a scientific study over a three year period to study all foetus and record any instances of twins after three years and thousands of hinds examined not one case of twins was found.

    From time to time a hind will adopt a calf that has been orphaned or abandoned and this can give rise to tales of twins, not suggesting that's what's happened in your case.

    In any case it is extremely interesting and worthy of further study to see if she is indeed mothering both calves and how they developed ,unfortunately without seeing the hind actually giving birth to them we can never be absolutely certain if they are twins or not.

    Would be much appreciated if you would post any updates on this most interesting of subjects.

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    Mind you in humans having twins is inherited to a certain degree. Interesting if it were possible to know the outcome of these twins pregnancies.


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    Both calves thriving just now and getting bigger by the day
    ... One kill....

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    [QUOTE=Strath sniper;1131077]Both calves thriving just now and getting bigger by the day[/QUOTE

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