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    Cornbury Park

    Cornbury Park, anybody been ,thinking of going tomorrow,is it worth a trip

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    My wife and I had a very pleasant day out there yesterday. It was very quiet and those that did go didn't appear to hang around for long so I can see the organisers taking a huge hit on this one as it was obvious that the infrastructure had been put in place for a much larger attendance. When we left at 2.30 for instance there were 6 possibly 7 staff on the William Powell stand and only one member of the public, other stands were similarly under-subscribed by the paying public. There were relatively few trade stands by comparison with other game and country fairs and those that were present in the main were generaly aimed at the top end of the market and very much priced accordingly. Not a lot of interest for the sporting rifle shooter apart from the Sako/Tikka display on the GMK stand and those organisations offering trophy assessments.

    I fell in love with a Sako carbonlight. My wife says that my eyes lit up when I lifted it to my shoulder for the first time. I dream about it all the way home and what I could sell to fund one. My dream vanished when I looked up the recommended retail price on my return home, somehow I failed to register the price list when at the show.

    Did I enjoy myself yes, but would I go again probably not.
    We were fortunate to have purchased cheap tickets in the bank holiday sale so not too bad, but if we had paid full whack I think that I would have been most disappointed. None the less a very pleasant day out.

    P.S. I'm sorry that I didn't immediately recognise a fellow site member who has shot at the H4H shoot previously. I was uncertain that it was you and by the time I had consulted the memsahib who was thinking exactly the same we had lost sight of you.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thanks for the response it would appear that I have posted on the wrong section as it should have been in the articles and events section however as it would seem the show is not a big success I wont be going a s planned tomorrow ,thanks for the info.

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    We went today, thought it was good but not great. Not many people there, so no crowds to fight through. And I know what you mean about the carbonlight....on both counts!

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    Nice not to have to queue anywhere but a bit thin. 5 bar staff in the real ale tent to one customer says it all. I doubt it will survive another year.

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