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Thread: Panther or Hercules Folding Highseat?

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    Panther or Hercules Folding Highseat?

    Thinking of buying one of these, but wondering what the pros and cons are between the two:

    The Panther is a bit lighter, but is that at the price of stability or life expectancy if left out.

    Also does anyone know whether the Cub extension for the Panther Seat will fit the Hercules seat?


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    Hi OH6

    I had one of the original Panther seats frim Bushwear.

    All in all a good product and once installed its stable enough although if left in position for a while use a load lock strap or a thicker bit of rope to tie off more firmly and to give that extra bit if reassurance.

    The seat is not as leight weight as youd expect and carrying it into position can be s bit cluncky and noisy if hand held/carried.

    Overmany years if use i bent a couple of the tree spikes, one of the rivets broke on the rope tie off point, which i left and just tied off around the frame and i lost one if the adjustment knobs.

    Bushwear after care was excellent and they had all spares to replace.

    If your planning on leaving it out, like everything the occasional oil and maintenance will help it last.

    Finally the shooting rail was really easy to adjust to the right height, but for me could have been a bit more robust... i suppose difficult in a folding seat. Ifound it thin and under protected so put soam foam pipe lagging over mine and taped over with thick black duck tape for extra pritection.

    This provided and improved shooting position, aided comfort snd reduced noise/ rattle when carrying.

    I have not seen or tried the other sest which you refer to but you may find the cub extension useful for extra height when required.

    I no longer use this seat however as i purchased over time a number of double high seats which remain in place with the occasional move st the start of a season.

    Hope you find this usefull


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    Rather than using duct tape as the adhesive will eventually attack the foam I use old scrapped car truck or tractor innertubes wrapped over the foam lagging and I hold them on with 3-4 cable ties it works a treat.

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    the cub extension fits i use one with mine

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    Have had a Hercules design seat for around 15 years, still going strong - just fantastic!

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