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Thread: Spartan Javelin Bipod (Long)

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    Spartan Javelin Bipod (Long)

    There have been a couple of threads on the SD about this product. Having carefully mulled over the reviews and looked at the pros and Cons, i took a hit on the plastic and purchased a long version of the Javelin Bipod.

    Recieved today, I installed the add on connectors (may install the gunsmiths flush stock mounts when time allows)to a couple of my rifles, slings connected and despite the cost I'm really pleased.

    An increadibly simple design, beautifully manufactured and compared to the pig iron i removed (Harris) so so light. The magnetic connection and ability to rotate the rifle on the bipod will be a treat in future with reduced requirement to reposition the rifle or myself if a Deer moved when im in position.

    I also purchased a bipod belt pouch/holder. made of a brown wetsuit type material its again well made, will sit next to my stalking knife on the belt and reduce the risk of me misplacing a rather expensive bit of kit.

    Yet to be field tested but i look forward to a more comfortable stalk, a lighter rifle and no more bipod digging into my shoulder!!!

    Will let you know how it goes in the field



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    I would love one of these!
    Its just the cost that's putting me off.
    It's such a shame that I have really light stalking setup with a DPT mod and then to have a Harris bipod hanging off the front of it.

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    I understand which was one of the deciding factors for me..

    I had never been happy with the Harris Bipod and over the years have purchased a number. i hope my investment in time will prove to be worthwhile and one Bipod across 4 rifles in theory should prove cost effective in the long run!!


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    I am going to get one , do they come with both adapters and is it best to get the long version


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    Morning Dave,

    The Bipod comes with a flush fitting "gunsmiths" attatchment that would require some work on the fore end to install. it also comes with a choice if a "flat" bottomed plate or a slightly "curved" plate. The technical advice on the website gives a general rule of thumb if your fore end curves at the bottom similar to a golf ball goneith the curved plate.

    I have wanted to install on my Sako rifles and asked advice if the Javelin team and they sent me curved plates which fit perfectly.

    As to which size.

    I measured my Harris bipod's and they measured 8 1/4 inches to 13 inches with the legs pulled out..

    The Javelin standard size is too short in my view and measures 6.5 inches to 9.5 inches...

    The Javelin Long size was perfect and measures 8.5 inches to 13 inches extended..

    So check your current bipod measurements and choose the size that will suit you the best. Cost is exactly the same for both Javelins so would not be a deciding factor for you..

    All the best


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    I keep looking at these and really want to test one for myself but just can't justify the cost now that I do a lot less stalking than I used to. Which I had tried one a couple of years ago.

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    I bought a long Javelin Late last year. I have used it in Scotland for red deer last winter. It was a lot easier carrying the rifle whilst climbing the hills. After crawling to within shot distance it was also very easy to attach to the rifle when ready to take the shot. It is steady enough for long shots.

    It is light and virtually indestructible. The after sales service is second to none. I lost the tightening nut whilst stalking Bucks in the borders. I telephoned Spartan and asked to buy another. They sent me one free of charge.

    I am very pleased with my Javelin but would also look at the Neopod if you like a more conventional style bipod.
    Owning one bipod but used on different rifles makes the overall cost a lot less. The adapters are relatively cheap and easily fitted to each of your rifles. What could be easier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glyn 1 View Post
    I keep looking at these and really want to test one for myself but just can't justify the cost now that I do a lot less stalking than I used to. Which I had tried one a couple of years ago.

    You can have a play with mine when I see you next!

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    I baught one recently and the curved mounting plates were horrid. Wouldnt fit any of my rifle stocks (Tika T3 Sako 74 Ruger 22/10 Savage thumb-hole, Jo Boyd or Phantom without looking crap and leaving a slot that would snag everything in sight.

    The pod came with three mounts which is why I baught it, but I backed it as the cost of getting three flat plate mounts was to much for me to consider

    The pod its self is super light which is why I was after it but very very basic in use. My Harris copy bipod is much better in actual use & much quicker to set up but the weight makes it an absolute chore for walk and stalk.

    If I could bite the bullit and get the integrel mounts for all my rifels then I think it would make sense as a purchase but the sling mount plates are poor IMHO.

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    I have used one for over a year and the only problem was losing the locking nut as Flyer experienced above. The after sales service was fantastic, a replacement sent FOC within 2 days!

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