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Thread: scope levelling

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    scope levelling

    Seen an item in shooting sports magazine segway reticle leveller anyone use one,looks a handy bit of kit.

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    I use a wheeler engineering scope leveling kit which is basicly 2 small spirit levels, one to level the rifle and one to level the scope. I would not zero a scope without one now, very useful ans cost about £25. The segway looks to be something simular.

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    look at one of Daves scope levelling sets from the Shooting Shed
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    Several of my weapons have b square or sportsmatch levels fitted to them. I must say every time I fit a new set of rings to a rifle I level up the rifle and align the reticule to a plumb line. Many sources of level on the market and my Daystate also has a cosine indicator.


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    I do what Cyres does, or more usually simply step back from the weapon and use what I can see of the reticule to align it against the perpendicular middle of the boldway. It's easy enough. Try it it works OK.

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    I use a similar method but use a plumb bob attached to the rear of the butt to get the rifle level first using a piece of cotton tied at one end to a small weight and taped to the centre top of the butt. When the line bisects the two centre blobs on the butt plate (or screw in points for some) then the stock is level. Then use a cheap disc shaped bubble level (intended for checking that audio turntables are level and available from any audio parts store or from Ebay) which costs £2.99 and sit this on top of the elevation turret. When the bubble's in the middle, I tweak up the scope ring screws and job's a good'un. Added a scope mounted level for use in the field which sits just in front of the mag ring and use this just to double check level on long range shots for target.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
    look at one of Daves scope levelling sets from the Shooting Shed
    I like these wedge-type levellers from TET.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Gain View Post
    I have some; work well IMO

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    Some old-fashioned methods:

    1. Horizontal split rings: As you tighten down the rings, stick a playing card on each side in the splits. Now you have a horizontal plane in the center of your rings. Turn the scope to line the horizontal reticle up with the cards.

    2. Vertical split rings: Stick a playing card in the split and align the vertical reticle.

    3. In all these make sure the rifle is unloaded, of course. Put a five inch piece of Scotch tape on the long edge at the bottom of a sheet of paper, half on the edge, and half off, to stick to the butt pad. Line up this edge of the paper with the center of the butt ( like on the screw holes ) and stick it down.

    Now, with the rings tight enough to hold the scope from sliding, but loose enough for you to turn it, stand the rifle up on the floor, and look backwards through the scope. You should see the reticle and the edge of the paper. Turn the scope to line up the reticle with the paper, and tighten one ring enough to hold it for a final check and tightening.

    Final check - put the rifle in bags and set a small line level on top of the turrets or caps. Look through the scope at something level and 50 or more yards away, or 100 is better ( wherever yo0ur parallax is set ). Look at something level like a window or door sill or header, and plumb, like a door frame or corner of a house.

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