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Thread: Cobra demon add on

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    Cobra demon add on

    Hi need information on night vision,just got rid of my photon and was looking at a ward d 700 but now looking at the cobra demon anybody have some real world use of this add on and what scope are you using, tried the night vision forum and could not find much information on the cobra after reading about the atn I have been put off a bit I thought they were alright when I looked through one but was worried about the screen lag any help will be appreciated thank you

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    I had a cobra demon a couple of years back sorry i sold it ,its a good bit of kit if i recall it would only go up to 8 or 9 mag with good clarity was using it with a meopta meopro,got an archer myself and been considering selling it to get either a titan or demon.Saying that the archer is a good bit of kit once youv,e got the hang of it.

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    Camo304 thanks for the message Andy will look into it

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    Bobby 18 I heard that you have to keep the mag low did you use it with a infa red

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    Used it with a t20 crystal clear picture,found a pulsar challenger gen2 on website earlier for 1050 brand new would like to know how it compares to a demon or archer ,not too bad a price if it performed as the two mentioned.

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    Anybody have more information on this product

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