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Thread: Thinking of buy a new rifle

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    Thinking of buy a new rifle

    I'm thinking about getting a new rifle this year and I'm looking at the mauser m12 impact in 308 could anyone give me there opinion on what they think of this rifle please as I don't want to waste money on this .

    Also I'm thinking of buying a Vortex scope for it which will be used for LR opinions on these too please would be great and what would be the best moderator for this ?

    Cheers in advance

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    On the scope front I've got two Vortex 6-24x50, one a PST and the other a HST and think they're very good. I've only shot them to 500m but they have good strong clicks, easy to read dials, always return to zero, side parallax clear glass. all for around the 550 new mark and Optics warehouse are doing interest free for 12 months which is a good deal and spreads the cost.

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    I had the M 12 extreme sold it as i am downscaling l. I had a look at the impact the other day felt very aolid i have heard nothing but good things about them a solid rifle.

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    First let me state I'm new to centre fire rifles but recently purchased my first in 308 - I looked at several around this price point - handled many of them and read some reviews and sought advice on here. I liked two in the end a Sauer 101xt and a Steyr CL 2 SX and bought the latter - I looked at the Mauser but didn't like the silver iaflon(?) finish too bling for me a quite bright for deer! Also when I looked at the review in either Sporting rifle or rifle shooter you could see case marks from ejected rounds marking the action in the photos to the extent the reviewer commented on this; mechanically and accuracy it seems like a great rifle but the finish and apparent durability put me off - peversely a different much darker iaflon finish is used on the Sauer but looking at a well used example showed no marks.


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    I would avoid M12/Sauer 101 as they apparently cannot be re-barrelled. In other words a throw away rifle. Most other makes or models don't have that negative feature. There are far better optics available, the 6-24 ffp I had would adjust the reticle within the sight picture (not centred) like old 1950's scopes and the sight picture was greyish unclear above 20 mag.

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    How many rounds through a 308 before it needs re barrelling ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    How many rounds through a 308 before it needs re barrelling ?
    What happens if you buy a rifle and it does not group below 2"?.... and the manufacturer say's that is good and not a warranty issue, happens every now and then.
    or you forget to clean and barrel rusts inside
    or you would like a heavier/lighter barrel than on it
    or calibre change
    would like to pass on your rifle to your kids, shots do add up
    just so many reasons that might lead to a barrel change.
    Anyone can buy what they like and whine later. If one is informed about the fact then it is fine but if one isn't.....

    Nobody has yet explained what the benefit is of a rifle that cannot be re-barrelled? Why would I choose that feature over the more conventional barrel fit?

    How well will such a throw away rifle sell second hand if the shot count is not known? I think the informed under
    us would possibly steer clear.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    How many rounds through a 308 before it needs re barrelling ?
    I've heard it's close to 10,000

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    8,000 at the very least, with normal loads. This is from what I've read though, as I'm yest to shoot-out the barrels of either of my .308s

    .243 is more like 1,300, which makes it more of a barrel-burner than a .300 win mag!

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    got the m12 impact in 308 at Xmas all I can say is its excellent value for money and superbly accurate for a out the box rifle of 1,000 shoots 1\2 " groups with geco 170gr ammo without a mod ! I put a northstar on it .as for the finish I've shot 4 species with it none commented on it before I pulled the trigger should it not last jager can coat it .
    nothing to dislike
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