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Thread: swarovski 6x42 nova ,

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    swarovski 6x42 nova ,

    Very nice woodland stalking scope, 4a reticle, optically its clean but as some superficial pitting on the tube, tube is 1inch, comes in original box with paper s,, 200 +postage
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    Bump & price reduction , 250 posted !

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    Top quality scope for 250 posted, open to sensible offers though ,!

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    225.00 got to be worth that all day long !

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    Price dropped to the floor 200 +postage

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    Quote Originally Posted by waggy 1 View Post
    Price dropped to the floor 200 +postage
    Have a bump, that seems to be the price these go at now and is what I got for one a while back. I'm sure it will go for you at that price, they are quality glass and someone will get a more than good scope at a bargain price.

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    Just sold mine for same money, the glass in these is fantastic, you won't get better for the money.

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    Sorry pictures by email only as I can't seem to add them !

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    I must say im suprised this has not gone , its top glass for little money!

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    Offer still stands
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