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Thread: Contessa picatinny rail for Blaser

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    Contessa picatinny rail for Blaser

    Does anyone have any experience of these? Any good?

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    Got a q/r on a R8 with a drone does the trick Regards Steve

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    Don't have a Blaser (unfortunately), so can't really comment, but I do have a Contessa rail on a TRG: it's well made, cost effective and performs very well IMO!

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    Yes I have one with my NV setup on, never had any problem.

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    Thanks Munty Hunter - my intended use exactly - what rings are you using?

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    Contessa Picatinny Rail with Q/D rings for scope/aimpoint setup,
    I find them excellent value,

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    Purchased one a few years ago so I could use my Blaser with an Archer NV set up. I am now using it with a new Drone Pro. Definitely a very good system and with the choice of an extended rear rail it is just the job for most dedicated NV scopes or use with the extended front rail for addon NV units. Very well made, you won't be disappointed.



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    Contessa rail on my Fireball/ Pulsar, best finished piece of steel I have seen in a while.
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