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Thread: To all the Neopod owners

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    To all the Neopod owners

    I'm just about to order one and just want some quick info how is it in rough terrain in forestry or on rocky uneven land with it only been a 6-9 inch bipod ? Cheers 😀

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    Personally I've never found a bi-pod to be any use whatsoever in woodland.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Not even when sat looking down over clear fell from a high point I don't mean a seat or box but raised bank or track way I prefer to have a bipod than not personally

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    Almost ditto 99.9% of shots off sticks or a lean despite the bipod in place

    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Personally I've never found a bi-pod to be any use whatsoever in woodland.

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    That's all good and well just want thoughts on the Neopod not really preferred methods of taking shots in woodland cheers

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    How about for 0.1% of upland/forestry stalking its fantastic, is that any better?

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    The Neopod is a really good product and as light as feather. Because of its quick release system you could just carry it in your pocket and just clip it on if needed, try to find one with the updated centre yolk as it's much stronger than the original version. I think for the purpose you describe it would be very good, the only downside is its price tag. But then I think it's far superior to the javelin equivalent.

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    Cheers tuck that's all I needed to here

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    Hi Benji53,

    I purchased a Neopod recently. Like many here I don't always use bipods for deer stalking. When I am on the open hill deer stalking
    I want my gear to be as light as possible thus the Neopod.
    However there have been situation's where I have used bipods in woodland stalking. As you have pointed out on forest rides. It can be nice to sit on a ride with rifle ready and binocular In hand and wait for the correct animal to appear.

    The quality of the Neopod is exceptional as we know the price there's no point dwelling on this!. I doubt you will be disappointed with your Neopod.


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