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Thread: Dog food, what are people using?

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    Dog food, what are people using?

    Hi all,

    i am am hoping for some advice, the wife and I want to improve the dogs' food and have got down to 2 options.

    1. Bones and raw food ( BARF) . Which will require a lot more time preparing, I think and is a relatively new concept.

    2. Wheat free food. Supposed to be much healthier for the dogs, and less mass produced crxp

    i am wondering if anyone us any experience of either of these, good or bad. Alternatively what would the sd masses recommend to use, if different?

    Many thanks is in advance for your time and advise.


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    I was feeding BARF buying a 15kg box of chicken carcases from the butcher for 11 but with small kids in the house now it got a bit much so feeding Akela (came out top in a Which dog food test). Its 80% animal protein with some added veg but zero grains. Dog loves it and poo is not far off the same as the raw chicken. He still gets plenty of raw meat and bones from deer and friends pigs etc.

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    dr John's gold ,gusto adult and Skinner's lamb and rice puppy and royal cannine junior different dogs get different food ,dogs cost more to feed than wee do

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    use all 3 Original, Duck, Fish.
    Dog loves it.

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    Millies Wolfheart Countryside, not the cheapest but they do bulk deals and regular 5% off deals. Would like to feed BARF but not always the one dealing with feeding, Mrs Malxwal would not be keen. Sauer on here gets his BARF in frozen portions.
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    If you are considering raw feeding and are lazy like me and have no time for preparation have a look here>
    This is what I'm feeding mine, he's been on it for over a year and doing very well with it.
    I have no idea how it compares cost wise to other products but it is quality food and a convenient way to feed.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Been using BARF for our working dogs for many years. We buy beef (head) trim meat from the local abattoir and put it through an small industrial mincer. Dogs get a portion of this with one or two chicken wings. Once a week they get large bones. Lucky to have a local supply and my daughter works at the abattoir. Dogs do well on it but you must watch the amounts when their work is reduced (out of shooting season). A lot less waste from the dogs do deal with also.

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    I have a lab on raw , moved from kibble ... Improvement all round , stable weight, less crap to pick up, good clean teeth , good coat etc

    Raw doesn't have to mean loads more preparation , lots of companies online now supply ... Just a case of a day or two ahead out to defrost & feed as and when you normally do ....
    Only consideration ... Feeezer space


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    I have a Lab' and whippet both on Natural Instinct prepared raw food, and extra bones to replace the odd meal a couple of times a week to keep their teeth in good order. Both maintain absolute optimum weight, volume of their craps is about a fifth of what they used to be, and I know they're getting nothing but the best. Only downside if the freezer space you need, but apart from that tiny honk I'll never go back to any other diet for them
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    Skinners Duck & Rice for my Lab - and he's a lean, mean hunting machine!

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