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Thread: French Gamefair Jun 17-19th

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    French Gamefair Jun 17-19th


    Curious if anyone/who is/may be going to this over the channel?


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    I'm thinking about it for next year. It was mentioned in a recent thread:
    CLA Game Fair

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    I had given it some thought about going again this year as we thoroughly enjoyed it on the two occasions that we have been previously. However the situation at the tunnel around Calais combined with the fuel strikes and soccer matches in France totally scuppered that idea for this year with me.
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    Fuel doesn't now seem to be a problem. Near where I live neither of the two filling stations have queues. nor those slightly further away. And the French don't associate all Brits with being soccer thugs. If you are going to go, given the Brexit issue and its effect on the value of the UK Pound versus the Euro it might not be a bad idea to seize the day. Certainly you won't in most parts of France have a problem finding accommodation. And next year? Who might need visas and the Pound tanked!

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