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Thread: Nz backcountry guides

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    Nz backcountry guides

    Hi everyone new too the page, hunting guide/outfitter from New Zealand for red stags, tahr,chamois,and fallow bucks

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    is that an ad?
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    Welcome to the forum, but as johngryphon says is it an add, if so better get in touch with mods before they get in touch with you, doesnt look like an add to me just an intro

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    Welcome to the site. I hope to come over to NZ soon to visit sister. So will be looking to do some hunting. I think you'd be well worth paying your trade membership, you only need get 1 customer and you'll be quids in. I'm sure admin will be in touch to get you signed up.

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    Welcome to the site, now you have had your free shot at advertising either amend the post or become a trade member please.

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