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Thread: lack of medal quality roe heads

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    lack of medal quality roe heads

    With the cold north east wind up here in East lothian a lack of quality roe bucks showing up, hopefully weather changes and gos back to the norm.just wondering if other stalkers finding it the same on there patch.hopefully weather permitting the rutt will bring out the big boys.

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    I only started my Roe Buck cull on the 19th May. So far with clients we have taken 19 bucks in 14 days. This puts us nearing the end of the cull already in West Sussex. The weather has been up and down, one minute 10c and howling wind, the next warm humid and no wind.

    The does have now dropped their fawns and seem to have gone very quiet. As for bigger bucks I have seen 3 to 4 really big bucks, in the medal class. Plus one or two very nice young 6 point bucks which will not be culled. But we are still seeing cull heads moving in on the estate.

    As for bigger bucks not showing. I always think that once the does drop their fawns that the bucks go quiet for a while. They have no need to really move about too much. Food is all around them and they are laying on fat and reserves getting ready for the rut in a few weeks. They usually start to show a bit more in mid July, and then into the rut, in my opinion.
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    I have been out with clients or on my own 1- 3 days a week since the start of the buck season and so far this season has been poor, mostly down to very cold north easterly's.
    I have managed to find some good bucks, although we have concentrated on cull bucks in the main.
    20 days out for 21 bucks.
    Hopefully things will improve as so far its turning out as a poor season, not through a lack of animals but because stalking conditions have been hopeless.

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    It was a good start in early April with two medal heads shot , one with a client and the other by myself up in Perth ,and that's around the 25 buck mark this season, seeing small cull bucks regular most days and does out with fawns.can't remember such a long period with a north easterly and that has made the roebuck season very difficult.there is two or three good mature bucks on the ground I know off , hopefully see them again at the rutt.

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