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Thread: Running Deer/Boar target-shooting - courses of fire?

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    Running Deer/Boar target-shooting - courses of fire?

    If you've shot at a moving target using a c/f rifle on an organised practice or competition basis anywhere, I'd very pleased to know:
    How far away the target was?
    How fast it was running?
    What the course of fire was?
    What the target was?
    And, of course, anything else that might be of interest!

    Thanks in advance to anyone replying!

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    At Bisley, Running Deer, the HBSA Classic Sporting Rifle Competition. I shot it with my .280 Ross and placed 4th. In about 1994 or some such. Distance was 110 yards, standard double ended deer like the "pusmepullyou" of Rex Harrison's Dr Doolittle fame.
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    Sounds impressive - both rifle and performance!
    What was the course of fire?

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    The pushmepullyou was even more impressive. But, but, how did it "ease" itself?

    Course of fire was the standard British Sporting Rifle Club "Running Deer Singles". And it was with a Ross 1905 Model .280" Highland Sporting Rifle Model, in October 1995 and I placed 3rd not 4th. Mind, if I recall, the "field" wasn't very large!
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    At bisley taking part in Sd h4h shoot running deer 110 metres also running boar 50 metres
    Also Germany cinema screen think it was 25 m or there abouts
    the sequence they ran was driven wild boar very life like and very addictive
    Regards pete

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    H4H shoot at the BSRC complex Bisley - soon to be held again.

    50m running boar with .22lr and 100m running deer with fullbore (.308 last year and 9.3x62 this year).

    For the deer it's a 23m opening that the target traverses in 4.3 seconds.

    Two sighters and ten to count on both. Further details including target speed on the 'Disciplines' section of the BSRC website:
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    Here is a scene to check out.

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    Do a search for the Nordic Rules Running Deer as it should mention the speed that the target has to achieve and in what distance from the standing start plus how long it takes to cross the range. The BSRC at Bisley had to replaced and update their equipment some years back to meet these Nordic rules.

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    I shoot the running moose range. 80 mtrs range, 23 mtr opening that the target crosses at 5.3 mtrs a second. I was there a week ago and shot like an idiot. i normaly do 18x20 f0r 2 runs. Must try harder.

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