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Thread: Nightforce Zero Stop retro fit

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    Nightforce Zero Stop retro fit

    Can the Zero Stop turrets be retro fitted to NF NXS scopes iin the UK, or do they have to go back to the US ?

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    Not sure. I have both the zero stop and non zero stop. I tried using the stop version as it was intend for a while but found it to be a pain in the butt. I dont have the mechanism engaged any more and it works better for me

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    it can, but will have to go back to the US, timeline wise, give or take 3 months.
    You will need to contact sportsmans gun centre. They are the only authorised dealer of Nightforce in the UK and handle the shipping and customs.

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    Fella I know has an NXS. He got a friend to machine some rings same diameter as the turret on the outside and internal diameter same as turret stub(?). Height of the ring was just a gnat's smaller than the gap between scope body and bottom of the turret when zeroed. Simply take the turret off and slip the ring on. Think his is machined out of delrin. No reason why it couldn't be metal.

    Same idea as this


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    Cheers folks. I'll prob go for the machined ring/spacer option, that I can do myself without spending much and going without the scope for months.

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