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Thread: looking for fox hair samples, Edinburgh area

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    looking for fox hair samples, Edinburgh area

    Hi folks,

    I am involved in a project that is trying to work out what urban foxes are actually eating.

    To do this, we are investigating using hair samples to look for chemical signatures of different food types. The first step is to work out if there is a difference in the basic chemical signature between urban and rural foxes.

    This means I'm looking to collect hair samples from 20 foxes in the countryside and 20 in the city, as a trial run.

    So I'd be extremely grateful if anyone in the Edinburgh area (within the ring road or 20 mins drive beyond) could cut the brush off any foxes they shoot and put it to one side for me to collect. PM me for more details if you're interested, and to arrange the pick up.

    Many thanks!

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    How rural does rural need to be - well outside the city limits or semi rural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    How rural does rural need to be - well outside the city limits or semi rural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenzie View Post
    Is roadkill any use?
    John - if you're willing to stop and cut bits off a splatter fox, not only will I gladly accept them, but I'll buy you a stiff drink into the bargain!

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