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    HPR - Pup

    I'be been looking to get an HPR for general rough shooting, picking up, pretty much everything etc. Waited months for a Korthals Griffon but mother nature dictated the pups were all the wrong sex lol. Waited months for an HWV docked and now that's gone tits up. Last October I made the enquiry and was told I was first on the list. February this year I was told I was first on the list and was put down for a dog. Everything going smoothly then yesterday it's 6 bitches and 1 dog but it's already taken so left in lurch again with more ********. Can't quite understand being first in line and it already being taken but that's life.

    Does anyone know of any KG's, HWV's or even GSP litters planned over the next few months. Willing to wait for a genuine pup. Must be from working parents and will be kenneled most of the of the time. I've had spaniels and labs and this will be my last dog. I want a good all rounder and don't intend going down the spaniel or lab route.

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    There is a nice looking litter of GSP pups for sale on here at the moment.
    There was also some nice looking GWP's for sale in the Press & Journal newspaper recently. They may still be advertised on their website.

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    Know of a good line of KG message me

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